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We publish book online with E-ISBN number

1) Publish your book easily with the ease of self publishing e-book (online book).

2) Self Publishing is the fastest growing trend of the publishing industry; authors are finding it useful in every aspect.

3) We allows the author to have control of the entire publishing and distribution process.

4) We are having a lot of Online Book Promotion and Author Branding services which helps you to reach your target audiences.

5) The designed copies, the copyright, all subsidiary rights, and all profits are only yours.

6) The most beneficial feature of Self Publishing is whatever you spend; you can earn it easily since we will be providing the marketing and promotional services for selling of your book once the book is published all over the world.


• Author first send your MS word book matter to our mail id:

• Then we will send galley proof (for corrections) to author mail id within 10 days.

• After confirmation of galley proof (after corrections) we publish matter online with e-ISBN number (called e-book).

• Author will get link and pdf of ebook to author mail id.

Publishing Process

Book Editing by Weser Books
Type Setting by Weser Books
Book Printing by Weser Books
eBook Creation by Weser Books
eBook Creation
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