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Farm Machinery and Equipment

Author(s): Asha KR, Pankaj Malkani, Anni Kumar Singh, Nishant M Stanly
Practical - 01
Study on measurement of Plant Health using NDVI values obtained from Green Seeker
Objectives: To determine the plant health using NDVI (Normalized difference vegetation index) obtained from green seeker
Green Seeker
Handheld Green Seeker can measure the plant biomass and plant health through its greenness in a digital form. This could be helpful in estimation of plant nitrogen content, chlorophyll content, plant stress etc. This data could be further helpful in making decisions such as the amount of chemicals, fertilizer to be applied on the crop, which results in more efficient application.
Measures plant health
Consisted of active light source optical sensor
Pulling the trigger gives measured NDVI (ranges from 0 to 0.99) that appears on LCD display
Figure 01: Handheld Green Seeker
Working principle
The Green Seeker is an active spectral sensor which is a radiometer that actively transmits light at two specific wavelengths i.e., red and near-infrared (NIR). It then measures light reflected from the target and calculates the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). ThePlant chlorophyll absorbs red light and reflects near-infrared light by the plant leaves hence results higher NDVI values (Eqn.1). Triggering turns on the optical sensor and emits concise packets of IR (infrared) and R (red) light and it measures the reflected radiation within the range of 0 to 0.99.
NDVI= Normalized difference vegetation index
NIR = Near infrared radiation
Others application for estimation of
Plant biomass
Plant nitrogen
Plant chlorophyll
Water stress
Plant disease
Destroying insects
Key use in estimating fertilizer application rates.
Indicator tool for identifying variability’s in plant health
Figure.02: Measurement with a green seeker
Table 01: NDVI characteristics values
No.NDVI valueCharacteristic
1-1 to 0Non plant Surface
Soil, roads, buildings values close to 0
20 to 1Plant (greater the value greater the plant density and health
0-0.33Unhealthy or stressed plant
0.33-0.66Moderately healthy
0.66-1Healthy plant
Procedure for estimation of plant health
Take the green seeker to the field
Push the ON button
Move the green seeker over the crop regions
Write down the displayed NDVI value over the regions
Classify the crop health on basis of above table
Repeat the procedure
Sl. NoNDVI ValueCrop health
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