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Ethnopharmacological Properties of Muricidae Gastropods

Author(s): G. Chelladurai, Vinothini, Kaliappan Ilango
Abstract: Marine organisms account for approximately half of all global biodiversity, with the mollusca family containing the second highest number of species, which includes snails and bivalves, after the aforementioned mollusca. The marine environment is highly competitive, hostile, and aggressive, prompting molluscs and their associated microorganisms to produce specific and potent bioactive compounds in order to protect themselves and ensure their survival. Most important bioactive compounds have been well characterised, and some have already reached clinical trials or been approved for use as therapeutic agents and supplements, derived from marine mollusc extracts. This review focuses on some of the pharmacological properties obtained from marine molluscs with special reference to muricidae gastropod as well as the challenges associated with bioprospecting for valuable drugs from marine mollusc sources.
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