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Quantifying the Effect of Forests and Plantation on Soil and Algal Flora of Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Author(s): Dr. Carefulness Macnelson Dirborne, Dr. Papiya Ramanujam
Abstract: In the present study, investigation was being carried out in soil collected from undisturbed Mawphlang sacred grove, subtropical pine forest and citrus plantation located in East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. Soil physico-chemical parameters affected the composition and distribution of Cyanobacteria and algae as it was observed that acidic nature of sacred grove soil along with high carbon, moisture content and phosphorus were correlated with green algae (Chlorophyta, 33%). Members of Bacillariophyceae (30%) in pine forest were correlated with silt and moisture. In citrus plantation, Cyanobacteria (40%) which were mostly represented by the Oscillatoriales were correlated with high pH and conductivity. Major goal of this investigation was to assess the biodiversity of Cyanobacteria and algae in relation to certain physico-chemical characteristics of soils in three different kinds of vegetation. Results emphasized the worth of immediate exploratory studies throughout the forests of Meghalaya to account the precious biodiversity of Cyanobacteria and algae before they get further affected by soil degradation from diverse factors including global climate change.
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